Charlottetown & Summerside, PE


Life Skills

We can help with…
  • Leash walking
  • Barking
  • Patience and politeness
  • Settling 
  • Recall (come)
  • Socialization (people, dogs, the world)
  • Enrichment
  • Relationship and focus

Behaviour Concerns

Behaviours We Can Work On
  • Barking and lunging
  • Aggression toward people or dogs
  • Fear of new places and sounds
  • Reactivity to dogs and people
  • Food aggression
  • Inter-dog aggression
  • Hyperactivity 

Day School

Hand over the leash and leave the training to us. Dogs remain in home and keep their routine.

  • 3 Week Minimum (can be extended)

  • 3 half-days per week in facility

  • Skill transfer sessions (coaching you) included and required

  • Progress Tracking, Video Review, and Support



Private Coaching sessions
Puppy, Teen, or Senior dogs
Initial Behaviour Consult is
required for all dogs experiencing:
Fear, Anxiety, Stress, or Aggression


Initial Behaviour Consult
Single session with
report and recommendations
Point of entry assessment for
Day School or Service Dog Coaching


Day School
Build strong foundation behaviours
Tracking of Behavioural progress
Photos and videos as time permits
Text directly with your trainer for support

Prices are also subject to HST.

Client Testimonial

My 11-month-old German Shepherd, Siggy, was showing reactivity towards strangers and other dogs during walks, making outings uncomfortable and embarrassing. Given my busy schedule and limited training experience, I sought expert assistance. Having worked with Spot On previously, I felt confident approaching Shannon's team. After a thorough consultation and introduction, Shannon trained Siggy for three weeks. Throughout this period, I received daily updates, including texts and videos, which were invaluable. The transformation in Siggy's behaviour is remarkable; she's now less reactive, and I feel less anxious taking her out in public. Additionally, she's more relaxed at home. After a coaching lesson with Shannon post-training, I feel equipped with essential tools to continue Siggy's progress on my own. It’s been the best decision to hire Shannon to lay that foundation that Siggy needed for me to build on. I felt entirely comfortable having Shannon in my home and trusting her with my puppy. Shannon’s wealth of knowledge and attention to detail is impressive. She extremely perceptive and she takes her time with you, I never felt rushed or nervous, she is worth every penny. I highly recommend her!
Claire S.