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Professional Dog Behaviour and Training in Prince Edward Island

Our clients share two things:

Intro Classes

Budget friendly, from puppies to teens and adult dogs to learn basic skills. Not to socialize fearful dogs.

Specialty Classes

Seasonal, advanced, or just for fun. Keep an eye on specialty for ongoing training with your dog!

Private - Life skills

Whether you're a seasoned handler, a newbie, or just fighting teenage dog brain, we've got you covered.

Private - Behaviour

Stressed by your dog's behaviour? Skip the online advice and work with an ethical professional.

No sales pitch.
No gimmicks.
Just Dogs.

We create simple entry points for any level so you can get started no matter where you are with your dog. 

Group class for basics – not for dogs who struggle around other dogs or people (yet).

More complex concerns – book a Behavioural assessment to get started.

Why Work With Us


Gain qualified, sound, professional advice


Get to the root of your dog's behaviour


Science based methods produce long-term results


Compassion and support for every dog and human

Blue the Therapy Dog's Legacy

Blue, the Great Dane-Pointer mix was honored postumously for his and Shannon’s legacy project, the Carleton Therapy Dog program which remains a beloved gem on campus today.

Client Testimonials

Shannon is an incredible resource for our island regarding dog behaviour and training. She is kind, supportive, informative and the one-on-one sessions really gave us a solid foundation and a ton of useful tools to help us train and understand our puppy. I can't recommend more Shannon and Spot On Dog Training.​
Dean C.
I was nervous to start working with a trainer; I was scared that Finnegan was hopeless and I had somehow caused his reactivity. Shannon put those thoughts to bed. She works with you where you are in your journey in a safe environment. I can't recommend enough if you are struggling, at a loss, unsure where to go or what to do.
Meghan C.
After our first session, I felt hopeful for the first time that we can actually succeed with dog training. I feel empowered with the tools and knowledge that Shannon provides us with. We are doing a combination of one-on-one training as well as group class, and definitely highly recommend this pathway to anyone who wants a well behaved dog.
Michelle C.


The leading dog training and advocacy organizations have all come out clearly in favor of positive training, urging dog owners to choose educated trainers who use this modern, science-based approach. Choose your trainer confidently knowing that they pursue and value continuing education and doing lots of good without any harm.

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