Therapy dog school

Could your dog be a therapy hero?

Effortlessly charming and thrives in the spotlight?

Ready to brighten lives together?


We will teach you a skill set that lasts a lifetime.

Learn solid skills from a credentialed professional dog trainer invested in your success.

Animal-human bond

Learn about the importance of the human-dog relationship in therapy work and how to work with your dog as a team to bring joy to others.

Signs of stress

Know your dog, their strengths and limitations. Honour your dog's amazing skills by advocating for them every step of the way.

Necessary skills

Learn basic obedience and skills for evaluation, fun tricks for therapy dogs, and real life experience to prepare you for evaluation.

  • Therapy Dogs | trained with their handler to bring comfort and support to others.

  • Service Dogs | trained with their handler to help with tasks and daily function.

  • Emotional Support Animals (ESA) | require no specific training and have very little public access permissions. Provide support to their handler just by their mere presence.

If you are looking for help training a Service Dog or Emotional Support animal please inquire by e-mail for further direction.

Membership Commitment

4 months commitment • $249 per month

Therapy dog school

Team Up with Your Dog to Make Lives Brighter

  • 6-week Group Training class to familiarize required skills

  • Kickoff Private 1-on-1 Online Session: Goals & Training Plan

  • Access to private Spot On Therapy Dog Teams Facebook group

  • 1 x month Group About Town classes or Mock Visitations made available by instructor

  • Weekly Therapy Dog Club practice time available after

    6-week class concludes

  • Unlimited Video review 5 days a week(post to Facebook group)

  • Discount rate on 2 Mentor sessions once you pass your Therapy Dog exam

  • (Over $1500 Value)

We can help with...

  • The animal-human bond

  • Signs of stress in your dog

  • Basic obedience

  • Teach safe therapy dog tricks and behaviours

  • Assess if your dog will be a good fit for Therapy Work

  • First hand experience with exam requirements

  • How to safely conduct a visit and considerations

  • Proper grooming requirements

  • Training in real-life areas to assess readiness

  • Familiarize with equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches and walkers.

Therapy dog certification is NOT included in this course – it must be sought through therapy organizations such as St. John Ambulance, Companion Paws Canada, or Therapeutic Paws of Canada and placed with a facility through those organizations.


Success stories

Kim Davis

Most of my previous dogs were rescue dogs that already had their foundations. Tio is my first dog I am raising from a puppy. Shannon was so great in helping me to train him (and training me, really!). We both learned a lot in just the first few sessions. Shannon is very knowledgeable and can answer all your questions. She can meet all your doggy training needs!

Deborah G.

We really enjoyed our training with Spot on Dog Training. Shannon, the trainer, is organized and very calm. She’s very positive and encouraging. She’s also a good communicator.
I learned as much as my dog!

I would definitely recommend Spot on Dog Training for anyone wanting to have a well behaved dog, or as a good refresher just to have some fun with your pet.

Dean C.

Shannon is an incredible resource for our island regarding dog behaviour and training. She was kind, supportive, informative and the one-on-one sessions really gave us a solid foundation and a ton of useful tools to help us train and understand our puppy. I couldn't recommend more Shannon and Spot On Dog Training.


Charlottetown, Stratford, & Summerside, PEI

Group & Private Training by Appointment


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