Behaviour consulting

Feeling overwhelmed by your dog's behaviour?

Behaviour problems leaving you stressed and isolated?

Skip the confusing online advice & work with a pro.


Recognize and Respond to Concerning Behaviour.

Take the guesswork out of addressing behavioural problems while being safe and effective.

Why choose us?

  • Non-judgemental, supportive

  • Simple, achievable training

  • Educated & Credentialed

  • Recommended by Vets and Vet Behaviourists

  • Accurate up to date approaches

Consultations include

  • 1 hr in person or online

  • Behavioural health history

  • Video Review (if you have behaviour on video)

  • Assessment and recommendations

  • Intro training if applicable

We use food in training for behaviour modification and do not use any aversive tools or devices designed to cause pain or discomfort to your dog. Modifying behaviour without the use of corrections is not only possible, it is more humane, efficient, and long-lasting.


Behaviour consulting

1 hour • $185

Behavioural Consult

Private training for concerning behaviours (fear, anxiety, stress)

  • Initial online consult

  • Thorough history taking

  • Video review (if applicable)

  • Assessment & Recommendations

  • Intro training (if applicable)

All initial consults are online with only special exceptions. After years of working with dogs and humans, I do not need to see the behaviours you are experiencing to help get to the bottom of what is happening and formulate a plan. Follow up coaching can be in-person in Prince Edward Island or online (if you are remote).

We can help with...

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Aggression

  • Reactivity (on leash or off-leash)

  • Resource guarding

  • New Rescue Dog

  • Inter-dog aggression

  • Body handling/vet issues

  • Hyper-Activity

  • Help transitioning away from shock, prong, choke, or other aversive methods

  • Assessment for Day Training suitability

This is NOT for:

  • Separation Anxiety (we will provide referral)

  • Individuals who are unwilling to collaborate with veterinary professionals when necessary

  • Individuals looking for a quick/instantaneous fix for their dog's complex behaviour

Our approach promises to be simple, effective, and suit your life; but we do not offer guarantees as any professional doing so is not being truthful or ethical.

Pathways following initial consult

4 sessions • $650

Behavioural coaching

For Aggression, Reactivity, Fear/Anxiety/Stress

  • 4 in-person follow up sessions

  • Progress Tracking, Video Review, and Support

  • Customized Training Plan

  • Initial Consult Required

  • Valid for 3 months

Weekly • $625



Alternative option to


"Board and Train"

  • 3 Week Minimum (can be extended)

  • 3-4 hours per week

  • Skill transfer sessions (coaching you) included and required

  • Progress Tracking, Video Review, and Support

2 sessions • $300






  • 2 Online Behaviour Coaching sessions

  • Progress tracking, Video Review & Support

  • Customized Training Plan

  • Initial Consult Required

  • Valid for one month

every month • $95

Behaviour Group Mentorship




  • Weekly online Zoom sessions with a seasoned professional

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Tailored Resources

  • Group of like-minded dog guardians

  • Accessible option for long-term


Success stories

Kim Davis

Most of my previous dogs were rescue dogs that already had their foundations. Tio is my first dog I am raising from a puppy. Shannon was so great in helping me to train him (and training me, really!). We both learned a lot in just the first few sessions. Shannon is very knowledgeable and can answer all your questions. She can meet all your doggy training needs!

Deborah G.

We really enjoyed our training with Spot on Dog Training. Shannon, the trainer, is organized and very calm. She’s very positive and encouraging. She’s also a good communicator.
I learned as much as my dog!

I would definitely recommend Spot on Dog Training for anyone wanting to have a well behaved dog, or as a good refresher just to have some fun with your pet.

Meghan C.

I was a bit nervous to start working with a trainer because I was scared that Finnegan was too far gone and I had somehow caused his reactivity. Shannon helped put those thoughts to bed. She works with you and most importantly, where you are in your journey in a safe environment. I can't recommend enough if you are struggling with understanding your dog, at a loss, unsure where to go or what to do.


Charlottetown, Stratford, & Summerside, PEI

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